Fujian Foody New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in April 2017, located in Jinjiang, Fujian, China. It is the first ES composite staple fiber (PE/PET) manufacturer in Quanzhou Area, specializing in the production of disposable sanitary materials----Air Through Non-woven Fabric, especially in surface layer and bottom layer. The main products include 0.5D~2.5D (Full dull/Semi-dull) hydrophilic fiber, and 0.5D~2.5D (Full-dull/Semi-dull) hydrophobic fiber. In May 2021, a wholly-owned subsidiary, Foody ((Shishi) New Materials Tech Co., Ltd., was established in Shishi City. Shishi company covers an area of 50 acres, with a planned production capacity of 80,000 tons of ES composite staple fiber, and introduces 4 advanced fully automated complete sets of ES composite staple fiber production equipment lines in domestic and foreign industries, as well as supporting hardware equipment such as intelligent warehousing, intelligent logistics, AGV trolleys, robotic arms, and software systems such as WMS, WCS, MES, etc., with the goal of building the first 5G fully connected factory in the ES industry, and a Foody smart zone from scenarios such as intelligent production manufacturing, full process data monitoring and analysis, plant energy consumption monitoring, and digital quality inspection and quality control. After the project is put into production, Foody will become one of the enterprises with the largest production capacity of this subdivision project in China, ranking among the industry leaders, and contributing to the high-quality development of Shishi's economy.


Corporate Vision:

Become the world's most trusted intelligent manufacturer of high-end ES Fiber.

Corporate Mission:

Let everyone in the world enjoy a better life by ES fiber.

Corporate Values:

【Customer Dimension】 The Customer First.
【Enterprise Dimension】 Integrity, Win-win, Respect, Responsibility, Passion , Efficiency.
【Employee Dimension】Striver oriented, create the  striving spirit for the world first.

Products and Application Areas:

Foody focuses on the production of ES composite staple fiber (PE/PET), and the products are positioned to meet the needs of middle and high-end raw materials, mainly used for air through non-woven surface (bottom) fiber, diversion layers,acquisition distribution layer (ADL) etc., and are finally used in diapers, sanitary napkins, composite cores and other sanitary materials.

Enterprise Honor:

Foody got threse certificates including the ISO 9001 <Quality Management System> , ISO 14001 <Environmental Management System>, and the OHSAS 45001 <Occupational Health and Safety Management System>.
In July 2020, Foody Fiber was selected as Provincial Science and Technology Little Giant Leading Enterprise.
In October 2021, Foody passed Digital Workshop Certification.
In November 2021, Foody was recognized as Fujian provincial New, Distinctive, Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises.
★In March 2022, Foody was recognized as the National High-tech Enterprises.

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